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                   Write can/can’tcould/couldn’t in the gaps.

1 The clown was very brave .Heenter the lion’s cage.

2 Liam’s house is too far.Wewalk there.

3 Dad hasn’t got a car. He drive to bus stop.

4 Lisa is very stuborn.Nobody change her mind.

5 Mum is not young enough.She take care of the kids.

6 The questions were easy. Everybody solve them easily.

7 I was very late.Isay good bye to the kids.

8 The old man was very poor.He buy anything to eat.

9 Tim is very shy.He make friends easily.

10 There isn’t any tea in the fridge. She make tea.

11 The book was long and boring.Shefinish it.

12 My brother is very strong. He lift a car.

13 Ela is very rich.She buy the car she wants.

14 The kids didn’t have a ball.They play basketball.

15 The room was very dark. We see nothing.

16 The milk was very hot. The baby drink it.

                                                                                                             You can do it!