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Present perfect vs present simple and past simple

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Present Perfect vs Present Simple and Past Simple
 Complete the sentences with the correct tense:
1.   I   James since we  in Nursery school.
2.   Hey, you are here! When ? - We  five minutes ago.
3.   Jeremy  in London.  He  there since 2012.
4.   How long  in this school? - Oh, I only  last year.
5.   Kate   animals. She  to be a vet when she is big.
6.   I  a new car. I  mine for over ten years!
7,   Look! I  a gold ring! - Where  it?
8.   James  best friends with Mark since they  at a summer camp.
9.   Liam  best friends with Adam until he  his girlfriend.
10.  The secretary  six letters so far; she usually  all the letters in the morning.