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present simple/present contunuous - basics

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Choose the right option.

Joe is 10. He  to school.
He  Maths, but he doesn't like French.
Right now he  his French homework.
He  to read a text, but it is quite difficult.
Julie sometimes  Joe with his homework, but she can't help him now.
She  for a science test.
She always  in her room.
Listen, Harry and Ben  the drums and the guitar.
Not now, guys, Joe and Julie  !
Those two often  a lot of noise!
Choose the right option.
Gary travels abroad                 right now            every summer .
My friends        
 always          right now       listen to music.
Judy  sometimes      now watches sport on TV.
We are learning English      now      every day.
I do my homework     now      every day.
Fred and Mary  
 now       sometimes  have dinner after nine o'clock.
They  always    now  work late.
I'm watching TV  now    every day.
I'm talking to Kelly     right now     every day.
We don't meet    right now    very often.  
Read the sentences carefully and choose the right option.
Susan often  to school by bicycle.
Mary and Greg never  .
I sometimes  pasta for dinner.
Linda and  Vicky  at the moment.
Where is mum? She  the bathroom.
 my tuna sandwich?
Of course not! I  tuna, you know that!
Susan  volleyball.
She  individual sports.
Right now she  in the swimming pool.
Write the verbs in present continuous. See the example. (Don't use short forms.)
Look! Timmy is walking!
The car . (STOP)
Mary and Ben . (RUN)
Jane  an e-mail. (WRITE)
Mr. and Mrs. Bell  their next holidays. (PLAN)
Judy  photos. (TAKE)
They  the walls. (PAINT)
Jody  her room. (TIDY)
Mary and Luke  . (SING)
Brad . (CYCLE)
I . (KNIT)