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Possessives and Contractions LI75

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Possessives and Contractions 

Choose the correct possessive pronoun or contraction.
1. plain to see why he likes her.
2. During party, John and Kate danced the tango.
3. Do you know  candy this is?
4. If  not careful, the milk will spill.
5. Is that rude child ?
6. Give me  attention.
7.  going to fix this mess?
8. really no reason to go outside now.
9. That is a nice statue; I like 

10.Some cousins of  are coming to a visit.

Choose the correct possessive.

1. I often forget  key.
2. Mary sees  father every week.
3. My friends bring children to our place on Saturdays.
4. The cat eats food quickly.
5. The boy likes school.
6. You write in  book in class.
7. We bring pencils to class.
8. The men always bring  wives to the party.
9. Mr Adams teaches  class in the morning.
10. She likes to give presents to  grandchildren.

Complete the correct question.
1. Where  ? I go to the cinema to watch movies.                                                            
2. Who  ? I go to the cinema with my friends.                                                  
3. When  ? I go to the cinema every weekend.                                                                                                                
4. Why  ? I go to the cinema every weekend because I love movies.                                                        
5. What  ? My favourite type of movie is horror movie is horror.