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Complete the sentences with TO or FOR.  

1.Should I make a cup of coffee  you?
2.She cooked a special meal  John on his birthday.
3.The garage door was broken but Adam was able to repair it his mother.
4.That's Professor Mathew. I will introduce you  him if you like.
5.Anna had sprained her wrist and I had to write out her homework her.
6.She can't reach the plates. Can you hand it her?
7.She has got a guidebook on Greece that you can borrow.Just wait here and she'll get it you
8.Paul reported the theft the police.
9.There is a package waiting for me at the post office. Can you collect it me on your way home?
10.Her parents lent them the money for the car and she paid it back them in a year.
11.They went to New York see The Lion King.
12.I need to go to market  buy some groceries.
13.I bought a present you.
14.Take a sweater just  be sure you are not cold.
15.You need to bring your children   tomorrow´s meeting.
16.She said sorry  being late.
17. the time being everything is going well.
18. be successful in life you need to have discipline.
19.I married him  better or for worse.
20.She explained the game rules the children.
21.I am going to introduce a nice guy you.
Choose the best option.
1.She bought  
4.Ana gave   
5.Robert introduced

Complete the senteces using the correct questions

1.When ? I started going out when I was 16 years old.
2.What My parents said it was okay to go out as long as I was safe.
3.Where ? I used to go to a club called She Rocks.
4.Why ? I started going out when i was 16 because that is when my parents allowed me. 5.Who ? I used to go out with my best friend.
6.How ? I went out every weekend.
7.How much ? I spent $10 to get in the club.