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Listening and Crossword: The Michael Rosen Rap

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Listening and Crossword:  RAP

written and performed by Michael Rosen
Watch the video recording of "The Michael Rosen Rap" and do the following exercises.
The following words have been removed from the first part of the rap. Write them in as you watch and listen to the video.


crazy               sad                  happy              burn                 tell                  right                            rap                  hang                mad


The Michael Rosen 

You may think I’m 

You may think I’m 

You may think I’m 

You may think I am 

But   on to your seats

And listen   here

I’m going to   you something

That’ll   your ear


Hip, hop
A hip, hop, hap
Giving you all the Michael Rosen Rap

Choose the words that you can hear.
I was   on the 7th of May
I remember very well that   day
I was in my  , curled up  
Though I have to   it was dark   night.
Nothing to do, didn't   to breathe,
  so happy didn't want to   

Tick the words that you can hear.
Then I heard some people give a  shoot  shout:
“One push  posh , Mrs. Rosen, and he'll pop right out!”
I'm tellin' you all   folk that was a puzzle to me–
I shouted out–
“How'd you know  known  that I'm a “he”?
The  daughter  doctor shouted–
“Good Lord, he can talk   walk !”
I popped out my hand  head and said,
Watch  Wash  me walk.”
I juked and jived  ground  around that room,
Balam bam boola, balam de ditty boom

(Repeat refrain)
Match he beginning and the end of the following lines.
When I was one,                 A   I became Prime Minister

When I was two,                 B   I started getting thinner

When I was three,               C   I ate a soapy flannel

When I was four,                 D  I swam the English Channel

When I was five,                 E   I ate a bag of plums

When I was six,                   F  I ate the dog's dinner,

When I was seven,             G   they made me King of the Fools

When I was eight,               H  I closed all the schools

When I was nine,                I   I was in a band playing drums

When I was ten,                  J  I robbed a bank with my sister


Write in the missing letters or words
So that's what I am, that's what I be
With an  , with an  , with a  , with an  .
That's what I am, that's what I be
Mr.  , Mr.  , Mr.  , Mr.  .

(Repeat refrain)

Search the following link and do the crossword about Mr. Michael Rosen, writer/presenter.


7 6

1. Which university did Mr Rosen attend?

2. What is the missing word in ".................. Your Own Business", the title of his first book?
3. What newspaper does he write for?
4. What kind of book is  his "We're Going On a Bear Hunt"?
5. Which English playwright did he write a non-fiction book about?
6. What does his work for BBC include besides writing?
7. What kind of doctorate did he receive in 2005?