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When jeans were invented

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blue jeans

Read and complete this passage about the origin of jeans. Then answer the questions on the next page.

the story of jeans
                                    Blue Jeans
How and where did jeans originate? They  (invent) out of necessity during the California Gold Rush in 1853. They  (invent) by a 24-year-old German immigrant who had gone from New York to San Francisco with a large supply of a heavy, rough canvas material.

He intended to sell this canvas for use as tents and wagon covers. But the gold miners told him, “We don’t need tents! We need pants, pants that  (make) of a strong material.”

So instead of tents, pants were soon made from the canvas. The miners liked the pants, but complained that they were too rough on the skin. Then a softer kind of cloth  (substitute). This cotton cloth  (import) from France, and it  (call) serge de Nimes. (Nimes is a city in France.) The fabric later became known as denim -- pronounced “de NEEM,” and meaning from Nimes.

The original color of the pants was brown, but indigo dye was being developed at this time, and the brown color  soon   (replace) with the now-familiar deep blue. These denim pants were nicknamed blue jeans.

Although jeans  originally  (design) for heavy physical labor, the image of jeans changed dramatically in the 1950s. In those years, many western movies were being made with glamorous stars like John Wayne and Gary Cooper as cowboys wearing jeans. Jeans acquired a glamorous image, too. Over the next decades, jeans were being worn everywhere, and were even featured in the fashion shows of the designers in Paris.

But, apart from the “glamour,” jeans became very popular for work, play, and dress because they are comfortable and durable. These versatile pants  (wear) by men, women, and children, young and old, all over the world.

The name of the inventor of those first jeans? It was Levi Strauss, and it was by his first name that the original blue jeans were known: Levis.

                                                               Select the correst answer based on the previous reading

  1. Which statement is true?
         A young man came to California with hundreds of pairs of jeans to sell
         A young man came to California with a large supply of canvas to sell. 
    2.  What did the young man do with the material he had? 
    3.  Did the miners like the pants at first? 
          Yes, but the pants were too thin. 
          Yes, but the pants were too rough.
    4.   How were the pants improved?
    5.  What color were the original pants?
     6.  Which statement is true?
            Jeans were originally made for miners. 
            Jeans were originally made for cowboys.
     7.  Which words describe the jeans of today?
 Look for the past participle form of the following verbs.

 Invent Go Make
 Call Substitute Wear
 Become Replace 

 By: Sonia Angélica López