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The Store Wars - A funny introduction to Genetically Modified Food

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The Store Wars - Organic food versus chemicals and GMOs

Watch the video and fill in the blanks.
��� �����
Not long ago in a supermarket, not so far away...

�These are �times, Young Cuke.

�What do you mean Obi-Wan Canolli?�

�Over a thousand generations, �foods like us lived in �with the ways of the .�

�The ?�

�Yes, Cuke, the� is what gives us our . It is a kind of field that creates all �things.�


�But alas, the �has been taken over by the��Side of the . An empire of �and �has ruthlessly conquered the �nearly wiping out our �birthright with , short-sighted practices like , �and . Seduced by artificially lower �people don�t even want to know where their food comes from. The true ways of the� are now almost forgotten. But there is a new hope. A growing �called the is fighting back. You must learn the ways of the��if you are to join the �and rescue Princess .�

�Help me Obi-Wan Canolli! You�re my only hope.�


�Of course, you will need to find friends to help you on your way.�

�I am Ham Solo, Captain of the Millenium Scallion (= a spring onion!). I hear you are looking for a passage into the �system.�

�Yes, indeed, if it�s a fast ship!�

�Sure is, and I got the best co-pilot in the produce section: Chew!�

�There will be many .�

�Watch out for those Thai fighters�

�I see him, I see him.�

�Quick! They�re heading for that small !�

�That�s no ! That�s a .�

�The !�

�The �fruit threatens us all.�

�A little tall for an , aren�t you?�

�Oh! The uniform! I am Cuke Skywalker, I am here to rescue you! I am here with Obi-Wan Canolli, come on!�

�For luck!�

�Your path will not be easy for you must �the �lord of the��Side: Darth Tater ('tater'= slang for 'potato').�

�Tater was once a pupil of mine before he turned to the �Side of the . He is now more �than , wasted and . He betrayed and murdered your father Organican Skywalker.�

�Obi-Wan never told you about your father.�

�He told me enough. He told me you killed him.�

�No! I am your father!�

�That�s really impossible!�

�Search your peelings, Cuke. You know to be true. Join me and together we can �the supermarket as father and son.�

�No! I�ll never join you!�

�Tell about the , Cuke. Help the �expose the �Side's �and their true . We must win this battle!�

�Use the , Cuke. Stretch out with your peelings. It�s up to you, Cuke. You�re the � last hope. Isn�t that right, ?�

�Strong with the��he is, but our last hope? Cuke is not. There is another: You! When the market you visit, you can keep your �and your �safe from the �Side by choosing .�

�May the��be with you. Always!