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Classroom Organisation - Reading Comprehension - A2 level

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Classroom Organisation

Reading Comprehension – A2 level

V4.1 I can understand the general meaning of written documents because I have 10/20 or more.
V4.2 I can find detailed information in a text because I have 14/20 or more. 
 Read these exchanges between two pupils.  Then answer the questions.

(1) True / False ( /5 points )

Jenny and Luke exchange the messages.
True       False
The exchanges are text messages.
True      False
The pupils write the messages in the morning.
True      False
The messages are about problems at school.
True       False 
The pupils are at school when they write the messages.
True    False  
(2) Choose the correct answers ( /5 points)
The date is:      The people who write the messages are :
the ninth of September   Jenny
 the ninth of  November                                                        Fran
the twenty-ninth of November   Luke
the twenty-ninth of December  

The discussion is about:

the weekend

problems in the group

favourite activities and hobbies

today’s absences

different sports  
the television  
Tick the illustrations that match the questions in the texts
( /3 points )


(4) Tick the illustrations of the difficulties that are discussed in these texts: ( / 7 points )