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Vocabulary Revision B1

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Vocabulary Revision
1.a Find the 10 words hidden in the following table.
1. b. Use the words you found to fill-in the following sentences.
1. I already miss the .
2. There is such an agreeable   in my parent's house. 
3. The  in her eyes told me she's going to say .
4. You're going to  the first prize for sure.
5. I  about you every night.
6. The  was dark.
7. She had a pale pink  that matched perfectly to  her complexion.
8. I hate the way he thinks. He always blames  for his failure.
9.  1000$? That piece of ? Are you insane? I don't care it's Dior!
 2. Read the text:
Ask yourself some very basic questions. In order to get on the right track for a fruitful career, you've got to know yourself at your core. Sit down with no distractions and devote a few hours (or days) in truly nailing down about what your passion is. Here are some questions one should ask:
  • What for do i want to get up in the morning?
  • What would i be doing if its not For money??
  • What do I do best?
  • What fascinates me and makes me curious?
  • What do I enjoy most?
  • What do I envy in other people's careers?
 source: wikihow.com
Now match the following words/phrases extracted from the text with their definition:
 fruitful = 
 devote = 
 nail down =  

Homework activity:

On a separate sheet of paper answer the questions from the text in exercise 2. Answer in such a way that in the end you'll have a small text about yourself.