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 I - Complete the conversation. Use the correct form of the verbs in the box:
          call me back          get a call from          answer          take          hang up          turn off          make

Mary: So tell me everything! Why did you break up with Brian?

Joan: It's a long story. I tried to call him last week. I called a thousand times. Somebody  and when I said 'Hello', they . I was so angry! I got tired of calling and left him a message asking him to  as soon as he heard it. But he never did. I thought maybe his cellphone had been stolen so I  a call to his house and his mother answered. She told me that Brian was on vacation with his friends. And his cellphone was probably . He was so stressed that he didn't want to receive any calls.

Mary: Really? Oh no...

Joan: I couldn't believe it. I was furious! I asked her to tell Brian not to call me ever again! She  the message, she said she would tell him as soon as he came back.

Mary: What happened next?

Joan: Yesterday I  from an unknown number. Guess who it was! Brian!

Mary: And what did you do?

Joan: I hung up!

II - Choose the correct answer:
1) A: Hello, is Arthur there?
    B:  - I'll see if he is in... I'm sorry, he isn't here. Would you like to  a message?
2) A: Good morning. This is Peter Smith . Is Eric there?
    B: I'm afraid he is out at the moment. Can I  a message?
3) A: Smith's Company . May I help you?
    B: I'd like to be  with the customer service department.
4) A: Hello. Can I  to Eric, please? 
    B: I'm afraid he isn't  at the moment. Can I take a message?
    A: Sure. Please tell him that Steven .
5) Hi! It's Tim. Please  as soon as you can.
6) Hello. I'm calling from New York. Could I get Roger ?