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Passive Voice, Reported Speech Review (Author-Bouabdellah)

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Technicum Si-Tarek Of Relizane
Third Year Students
Technological Streams 2003/2004
Structure Practice / Revision
Big smile PASSIVE VOICE Big smile
1)  Esther gave Sue a nice present.
a)Esther was given a nice present by Sue.
b)Sue was given a nice present by Esther.
c)A nice present was given to Esther by Sue.  
d)A nice present was given to Sue from Esther.
2)  A small red car hit the dog.
a)The dog was hit by a small red car.
b)The dog is hit by a small red car.
c)A dog was hitted by the small red car. 
d)The dog has hit by a small red car. 
3)  A thief stole Bob's painting.
a)Bob's painting has stole by a thief.
b)Bob's painting was stolen by a thief.
c)Bob's painting was stole by a thief.
d)Bob's painting was stealed by a thief. 
4)  The news surprised us all.
a)We all surprising by the news.
b)We all surprised by the news.
c)We all are surprised from  the news.
d)We all were surprised by the news.
5)  Where did they find the book?
a)Where is the book found?
b)Where has been found the book?
c)Where was the book found? 
d)Where was found the book? 
6) He cut the bread with a big knife.
a)The bread was cutted with a big knife.
b)The bread is cut with a big knife.
c)The bread was cut with a big knife.
d)The bread has cut with a big knife by him.
7)  Joan spread the newspaper out on the floor.
a)The newspaper was spreaded out on the floor by Joan.
b)The newspaper has spreaded out on the floor.
c)The newspaper is spreaded out on the floor. 
d)The newspaper was spread out on the floor.
8)  Where did he put the suitcase?
a)Where did the suitcase put by him?
b)Where was the suitcase put?
c)Where has the suitcase been put by him? 
d)Where was the suitcase putted?
9) Their father's stories amused them.
a)They were amused by their father's stories. 
b)They were amusing by their father's stories.
c)They amused by their father's stories.  
d)They had amusing by their father's stories.
10)  Ben drove me to the airport.
a)I was drove to the airport by Ben.
b)I was driven to the airport by Ben.
c)I was drived to the airport by Ben. 
d)I been drive to the airport by Ben.
Big smile REPORTED SPEECH Big smile
1)  Please tell me ____.
a)where is the bus stop
b)where the bus stop be
c)where stops the bus
d)where the bus stop is
2)  I told him ____.
a)what the homework was
b)what was the homework
c)what was to be the homework
d)what is the homework 
3)   I think ____.
a)will be the plane on time
b)the plane will be on time
c)the plane to be on time
d)it will be on time the plane 
4)  I didn't know ____.
a)what he mean
b)what did he mean
c)what did he meant
d)what he meant
5)  He said ____.
a)that the weather colder than usual
b)the weather be colder than usual
c)the weather was colder than usual
d)the weather it is colder than usual
6)  I think ____.
a)today it is Wednesday
b)that is today Wednesday
c)today is Wednesday
d)today to be Wednesday 
7)  He said ____.
a)that yesterday he gone downtown
b)he goes downtown yesterday
c)he go downtown yesterday
d)he went downtown yesterday
8)  I believe ____.
a)him he is right
b)he is right
c)he be right
d)that he right
9)  She said ____.
a)that she was hungry
b)she hungry
c)she be hungry
d)her was hungry
10)   He told us ____.
a)that he enjoy the movie
b)he enjoyed the movie
c)he be enjoying the movie
    d)that enjoyed the movie