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Past Simple (regular verbs)

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Past Simple (Regular Verbs)
1. Choose and write.
talked          did not talk
1 She did not talk to her friend.
2 She to her mother.
watched           did not watch
3 She the birds.
4 She the dog.
help         did not help
5 She her father.
6 She her brother.
2. Write about the boy. 
1 his friend     He talked to his friend. 
2 his sister      He did not talk to his sister.
3 the tree       
4 the gate       
5 to school      
6 to the park    
3. Complete the questions and answers.
 they  their grandmother? Yes, they .
2   he  television? No,  didn't.
3  he  football? Yes, he .
4  they  to the park? Yes,  did.
5  she  computer games? Yes, she .
4. Write the words in the correct order.
1 climb/ a tree/ did/ ?                                  
Did she climb a tree?                               
2 they/ did/ to the park/ go/ ?                    
3 they/ visit/ their/ friends/ did/ ?             
4 he/ a book/ did/ read/ ?                           
5 play/ computer games/ he/ did/ ?           
6 a book/ did/ read/ she/ ?                         

5. Write sentences.
he play/ computer games   
1 He played computer games.
read/ a book 
2 He didn't read a book.
they play/ football 
climb/ trees 
6. Write questions. Complete the answers.
she/a book 
1 Did she read a book?
Yes, she did.
No,  didn't.
he/computer games 
Yes, he .
7. Find the adjectives in the box. Write them in the sentences.
           hot            jump      cold      monster      happy    
    funny         fish          tired                 ugly           push   
1 I don't like snakes. They're 
2 I'm wearing shorts. It's a  day.
3 I'm wearing a coat. It's a  day.
4 It's my birthday. I'm !
5 I'm going to bed. I'm .
6 I'm laughing. This book is .