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A helicopter pilot. A hospital nurse.

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A helicopter pilot. A hospital nurse.
Reading and Vocabulary
1. Read. Choose true or false.
I fly a helicopter and my job is often exciting. I am a doctor.
I watch people in the sea and I help people on the beach. I am a lifeguard.
I can paint houses. I am a plumber. 
I can mend the stable and the gate. I am a carpenter. 
I can fix the water pipes. I am a farmer. 
I work with nurses and help people in the hospital. I am a doctor. 
2. Read. Choose true or false. Correct the false sentences.
A helicopter can fly at 200 kph.
A helicopter is smaller than a motorbike.
The helmet protects the pilot's hands.
The hospital is bigger than a school.
The nurse is never busy.
She wears a blue watch.
3. Match. Write the letters.
     headset           helmet                watch             pocket               belt
4. Match the people and the jobs. Write the letter.
              1 fireman                                 2 doctor                           3 lifeguard 
Read and write the number.
He helps people on the beach. He watches people in the sea. 
He helps people when there is a fire. He wears a helmet. 
He helps people in a hospital. He works with the nurses.  
5. Complete the sentences with words in the box.
      microphone       sunglasses       headset       earphones       helmet
A helicopter pilot's  protect his eyes.
His  protects his head.
The pilot wears a  and he can talk to lifeguards or firemen.
He can speak to them through the .
He can hear them through the .
          uniform       pocket        helicopter        watch        hospital
A nurse works in a .
Sometimes people go to the hospital by .
A nurse wears a blue .
She wears a white belt and a .
She carries a pen in her .
6. Put the letters in the correct order. Write the verb.
A pilot  a helicopter.                         iefls
A helicopter can  on hills.                   ndla
The helmet  the pilot's head.        ptcroets 
A nurse  notes about people.           teswri
She  scissors in her pocket.           rrseiac