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Unit 2 - Happy together

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1   Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of phrases from the summary.

ask (someone) out   / fancy /    flirt with     /   have an argument with /    have got a lot in common  /   split up


__ Jane and her brother aren’t speaking to each other. I think they’ve had an argument.

1_ Diego and Martha both like cycling, going to the cinema and reading Japanese comics. They .

2_ Tom said he one of my friends at a party yesterday. He says she’s got long dark hair and green eyes. That’s you!

3_ Jake is chatting and joking with Lydia. I’m sure heher.

4_ Sarah has told Mark their relationship is over.  I can’t believe they .

5_ Carl wants to Amy , but he’s too shy to talk to her.


Extreme adjectives

2   Complete the table.



Extreme adjective





  (3)   unpleasant

  (4)   good



  (6) interesting





  (9) funny

(10) memorable