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Wild Ride

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Wild Rides

Match the two parts of the sentences

Have you ever been on a roller coaster?
 If so, ... a. and you scream, “No more!”
 You roll slowly ... b. and steep drops.
 Then you shoot ... c.  you know what it’s like.
 There are sharp curves... d. down the other side.
 Sometimes loops flip you upside down, ...e. up a big hill.
Fill in the missing words

Coasters are bigger, , and wilder than ever before. But they didn’t out that way. New York City had  roller coaster in America back in 1884. Its top was 6 miles per hour. Today roller coasters have zip. The fastest ones at more than 100 miles per hour!

Unscramble and fill in the missing words

What makes all of this fun lospebsi ?
Gravity. A tomro  pulls the car you ride in up the first hill. But rigytva  sends it down the hill. The psetere   the hill, the more that gravity pulls you down the kartc . After the sitfr  hill, the cars go up smaller hills. Gravity wsols   the cars as they go up these hills. It also depess  them up as they go down the hills.

Put the words in the correct order:

the ride fun. / of gravity / makes / The tug  
make it dangerous / However, /  too fast. / it can / when you go / also
but not / An automobile / a roller coaster. / has a brake,  
today’s / are needed /  computers /  thrill rides. / to make / That’s why 
they / a new coaster, / build / Before / a computer model. / make / engineers
as well as /They / to make sure / scary. / it is safe  / want  

Choose the correct verb and put it in the correct form:

break     swing     say    help (x2)     know    explain    be (x2)    put    go 
Allan Schilke  a top roller coaster designer. Computers  him a lot. Schilke it this way: “Roller coasters  around curves fast. This  stress on your body.” Computers  Schilke just how far to  without doing harm. “There upper limits, because you can  a bone,” he . Yikes!

Tick the true sentences:

Coasters keep getting scarier.  
Less people want to ride them all the time.  
A few hundred people take a coaster ride each year.  
Experts say some people look for excitement.  
“These people are attracted to thrills,” says psychologist Frank Farley.  
So what’s next for coasters? Well, Schilke wants to build a 10-foot-tall ride.  
That’s lower than a 50-story building.  
The coaster would dive straight down the side of a skyscraper. Wow!