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EW3, Unit 3, Comparative adjectives, words with ay

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Comparative Adjectives and words with "ay"
1. Write about the pictures.
1 The car is the helicopter.
2 The helicopter is the car.
3 The insect the baby.
4 The baby the insect.
5 The plane the bike.
6 The bike the plane.
7 The planethe car.
8 The carthe plane.
2. Look. Complete sentences about Bobby and Billy and their clothes.
Billy Bobby
1 Bobby is shorter than Billy.
2 Bobby is than Billy.
3 Billy is younger than Bobby.
4 Billy's hat is than Bobby's hat.
5 Bobby's shoes are than Billy's shoes.
6 Bobby's jacket is than Billy's jacket.
3. Write sentences about the pictures.
1 wide A plane is wider than a helicopter.
2 tall
3 fast
4 small
5 long
4. Complete the conversation with the words in the box.
wide tall wider than centimetres It's metre taller than
1 Howare you, Ben?
2 I'm one metre 50 .
3 I'm one 40 centimetres.
4 I'm you.
5 How is your hand?
6 eight centimetres wide.
7 Your hand is my hand.
5. Write.
1 How is the river? It is twenty metres wide.
2 How is the tree? It is five metres tall.
3 How long is the road? It is two kilometres .
4 is the house? It is six metres tall.
5 is the river? It is 250 kilometres long.
6. Find the words with "ay". Then write them in the boxes.
( , )
Today is Monday, 12 May. Jay is a fireman and he is going to work. It is his birthday.
The firemen have a cake on a tray. They say, "Happy Birthday, Jay!". There is no time
for play today. There is a fire! They cannot stay and eat cake.
123 45 6
7 8 9101112
7. Solve the crossword. Use the words with "ay".

1. What do people say when they give you a cake and presents? "Happy ____________!"
2. What do people shout at sport games?
3. When do flowers come up from the ground?
4. What comes between Sunday and Tuesday?
5. What can you carry a cake on?
6. What do you say to a dog?
7. What do children do with a ball?