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Welcome to the future

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 1. Choose the correct option:
1. Sorry sir, but the exhibition… in a few minutes.
  will have closed
  will be closing
  is closed
2. What …..next summer? I ….. to Iceland. I’ve already bought the tickets.
  are you going to do / am going to travel
  will you do / will travel
  will you be doing / will have travelled
3. Look at those black clouds! It ….
  will have rained
  is going to rain
  will rain
4. Perhaps I ….. Peter tomorrow night. Who knows?
  will see
  will have seen
  will be seeing
5. By this time next term we …. all our exams!
  are going to finish
  will be finishing 
  will have finished
2. Complete with the correct future tense: (Do not use abbreviations)
1. This time next Tuesday, we  Jane’s birthday at the restaurant. (celebrate)
2. Is the cup dirty? I  a clean one. (bring)
3. I’m afraid the Prime Minister anyone this morning. (not receive)
4. early tomorrow morning, sir? (you / check out)
5. Careful, John! You your bike. (fall off)
6. By this time next week Marie her new job. (start)
7. This time tomorrow John on his journey to the Appalachian Mountains. (set off)
8. I’ve already made up my mind. I  Everest next summer. (climb)
9. I think Brazil  the world cup this year. They are so good! (win)
10. Global warming in the future. I’m quite sure about it.