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Review 1st term test - Vocabulary

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Term test review - Units 1 to 3 

Phrasal verbs: health and lifestyle

1 Complete the sentences with the phrasal verbs in the box.

cut down on get over
give up take up work out

__ Tomorrow, I’m going to give up junk food. This is my last burger!


1_ I at the gym every day.


2_ Joe’s dentist wants him to sugary foods and brush his teeth more often.


3_ I need a hobby. I think I’ll tennis.


4_ When my girlfriend finished with me, my friends helped me to it.


2   Complete the words.

__ There was a boom in births in the 1960s.


1_ I don’t like his h – it’s too long and it covers his eyes.


2_ The mobile phone was a great i – I don’t know what people used to do in the past.


3_ This programme is h – it’s so funny!


4_ It was the f to wear old jeans and T-shirts.


5_ Surprisingly, there isn’t a c for colds and flu.


6_ I f him – he’s gorgeous, just my type!


7_ Your brother is f with my girlfriend – ask him to stop!


Nouns and verbs: medical science

3 Complete the sentences with the noun or verb form of the words.


__ Last year I had an operation (operate) on my leg.


1_ Eating healthy food can (prevent) some diseases.


2_ My grandmother (suffer) from pains in her back.


3_ Scientists are  (develop) new medicines all the time.


4_ How successful was this (treat)?


5_ How many scientists (discover) a new cure for illnesses every year?


Extreme adjectives

4   Complete the table.



Extreme adjective





  (3)   unpleasant

  (4)   good



  (6)   interesting





  (9)   funny

(10)   memorable