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SIMILAR WORDS - like or as

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Like = “similar to”, “the same as” “for example”

· What a beautiful house! It’s like a palace.

· Some sports, like (such as) motor-racing, can be dangerous

As = in the same way as or in the same condition as

· I didn’t move anything. I left everything as it was.

· You should have done as I showed you.

1. She sings an angel.

2. I'm much better, you can see.

3. My sister is not at all me.

4. My daughter is just my sister.

5. I'm attending the meeting an observer

6. I use one of the bedrooms an office.

7. You are very your mother.

8. I hope to qualify an engineer.

9. My friend Rob looks John Travolta.

10. There is too much traffic in London in New York.

11. We're late for the train. We'll have to run the wind.

12. I'm your friend and, a friend, I advise you to think again.

13. I don't know you as well as he does but, your friend said, I advise you to think again.

14. You don't like confrontations, me.

15. I want to join the air force a pilot.

16. We need a strong leader Winston Churchill.

17. He has gone to our competitors marketing manager.

18. I've appointed Simon Williams the new trustee.

19. I haven't touched anything.  I've left it just it was.

20. She's beautiful!  She looks just an actress I know.