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SIMILAR VERBS - to fit & to suit

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 Choose the correct verb in its correct form:

1. I hope the medium size shirt my husband.

2. This jacket you better than the other.

3. Having my holiday in September doesn’t me at all!

4. I don’t think those trousers her, they are more for younger people.

5. We’ll never all into John’s car. It’s too small.

6. Black and white are colours that me very well.

7. Saturday evening us fine for the meal.

8. We’ll have to the desk in between the photocopier and the door.

9. Does next weekend you to go to London?

10. These boots me perfectly. They’re just my size!

11. I think my car’s too big to in this space.

12. That eyeliner Emma perfectly. It highlights her beautiful eyes.

13. Stripes don’t him at all! They make him look even taller and thinner than usual.

14. Short skirts don’t really Mary – she hasn’t got the legs for them.

15. Adam has put on a lot of weight and his shorts don’t him anymore.

16. This skirt well around the waist, but it’s a bit too short.

17. Taking the underground every day him fine – he doesn’t like taking his car.

18. Will this desk into the space between the bookshelf and the wall?

19. Does Tuesday at 6 o’clock everyone for the meeting?

20. Linda ought to wear more red – it her.