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Choose definite article when necessary

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The definite article
Insert the definite article when necessary
  1. It was  first time that he saw her.
  2. She fell in love with him at  age of 16.
  3. When he asked the girl to marry him, she said  following: No!
  4. It was  second time she had said no.
  5. He lives in  state of Texas in  USA.
  6. He lives in  Texas.
  7. He loves  nature.
  8. He loves  nature of  west coast.
  9. He is deaf in  one ear.
  10.  life is not always easy.
  11. She loved  time she spent at school in London.
  12. She is  daughter of a rich farmer.
  13.  time will solve all problems.
  14.  time he spent in prison was horrible.
  15. It was  same dress she had worn for her wedding.
  16.  most people like music.
  17. He scored  second and  fourth goals.
  18.  society cannot work without taxes.
  19. He always had  one hand in his pocket.
  20. I gave him  most of the gold we'd robbed.
  21. For  first time in his life, he was  owner of a car.
  22. We know from  history that there will always be wars.