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Choose definite article when necessary 2

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The definite article 
Insert the definte article when necessary. 
  1. The wind came from  North.
  2.  dinner was very tasty.
  3. At  Ritz, they serve  dinner at 8 o'clock.
  4. I think that  most people like to work.
  5. I always go by  bus to see my girlfriend.
  6. Turn  left at the next corner.
  7. Turn to  right when you get to the next crossroads.
  8.  Which newspaper do you prefer,  Daily Mail or  Times?
  9. At  night, ghosts start to appear.
  10. He had not seen any ghosts in the house all  day.
  11. I think that  man is destroying  nature.
  12. She spent  most of her day in  bed.
  13. She loves old ships like  Mayflower.
  14. At  Easter, people like to travel.
  15. Will you get back for  Christmas.
  16. He was taken to  hospital somewhere in  USA.
  17. If it isn't in  singular, it must be in  plural.
  18. In Denmark, you can learn Russian at  school.