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ket level
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Read each definition and select the verb. 
  1. This is when someone helps you to learn something new.      
  2. When you make something by putting together parts                   
  3. To go from a place                                                                              
  4. Imagine something when you are sleeping                                    
  5. It´s when you cannot find something.                                             
  6. Believe something.It´s the ideas or pictures in your brain/mind. 

  7. To use weapons or physical force to try to hurt someone            

  8. To experience a feeling or emotion.                                                
  9. Is when you come together with a person                                      
  10. To receive something; to obtain something

 Write the missing verbs.
  1. lose                    
  2.      left               
  3. feel                     
  4. get                        
  5. dream               
  6.              built                                                                                    
  7. think               
  8. fight                 
  9.    left                  
  10. teach                 
Write the word
1. A thick piece of rubber you put on a wheel of a car, bike.... 
2. The machine inside your car that makes it work.  
3. When there are too many cars that can hardly move.
4. A tour bus.                  
5. A unit of length used in the UK. (1.609 km)  
6. The person who travels in a car, bus...        
7. The period from Friday night until the end of Sunday.    
8. The time when you agreed to meet somebody. 
9. If you don´t put it in your car, it won´t start.    
10. When you press them, the car slows down and stops.    
11. It´s when you travel from one place to another.   
12. Someone who trains a person or team in a sport  
13. This is when you travel by plane.     
14. This is when you arrive late somewhere.