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Fill in with a personal pronoun (subject and complement)

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Fill in with a personal pronoun
(Completa le frasi con un pronome personale soggetto o complemento)
I don't like the Beatles. Do  you like ?
Where's Julia from? Is  Irish? 
My name's Magdalene, but my friends call  Maggie.
My favourite sport is swimming,  love it! 
We've got space in our car, you can come with .
Mr and Mrs Anderson have a really big family,  have seven children!
This shop is really expensive because  has the most fashionable brands. 
This gift is for you. Open
Is this letter for Mr Smith? Yes, it's for  .
My brother is quite good at playing the guitar because  practises a lot. 
My favourite film star's Selena Gomez, I really like  .
Paul is American,  lives in California with his parents but he argues with  a lot!
Mary has a beautiful house. We often visit  at the weekend because she invites 
I am very happy with my new neighbours,  often help .
Mark loves Jenny but she doesn't love .
I have two dogs and I walk  everyday.
I often take my grandmother some newspapers but  never reads  .
Mary has a new boyfriend, she's at the cinema with  now.
Can you hear ? I'm calling you!
This book is really boring, I can't stand .
Paul works near his wife's office. He has lunch with  everyday.
Are you at home? Can I call  later?
Mark doesn't live with his parents, but he calls  every evening.
Excuse me, I have a problem. Can you help , please?
I can't find my mobile. Can you see  ?