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Fill in with a personal pronoun (subject and complement)

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Fill in with a personal pronoun
(Completa le frasi con un pronome personale soggetto o complemento)
I don't like the Beatles. Do �you like�?
Where's Julia from? Is �Irish?�
My name's Magdalene, but my friends call �Maggie.
My favourite sport is swimming, �love it!�
We've got space in our car, you can come with .
Mr and Mrs Anderson have a really big family, �have seven children!
This shop is really expensive because �has the most fashionable brands.�
This gift is for you. Open .�
Is this letter for Mr Smith? Yes, it's for �.
My brother is quite good at playing the guitar because �practises a lot.�
My favourite film star's Selena Gomez, I really like �.
Paul is American, �lives in California with his parents but he argues with��a lot!
Mary has a beautiful house. We often visit �at the weekend because she invites�
I am very happy with my new neighbours, �often help�.
Mark loves Jenny but she doesn't love .
I have two dogs and I walk �everyday.
I often take my grandmother some newspapers but �never reads��.
Mary has a new boyfriend, she's at the cinema with �now.
Can you hear ? I'm calling you!
This book is really boring, I can't stand .
Paul works near his wife's office. He has lunch with �everyday.
Are you at home? Can I call �later?
Mark doesn't live with his parents, but he calls��every evening.
Excuse me, I have a problem. Can you help , please?
I can't find my mobile. Can you see �?