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Personal pronouns: subject and complement

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Substitute the underlined words with a suitable pronoun
(Sostituisci le parole sottolineate col pronome adatto)
1) � I want to go to the party with Mary��
� � � I want to go the party with �.

�2) � He goes to school by bus with me and my brother.�
� � ��He goes to school by bus with�.

�3) � Can we play with you and your friends?�
� � � Can we play with �?

�4) � Please, be silent and open your books!�
� � � Please, be silent and open .

�5) � Look at that boy over there!�
� � � Look at .

�6) � They live near me and my family.�
� � � They live near .

�7) � Can I talk to Mr Smith, please?�
� � � Can I talk to , please?

�8) � I don't want to go to the cinema with my little sister.�
� � � I don't want to go the cinema with .

�9) � It's hot in here, open the window, please!�
� � � It's hot in here, open , please!

�10) We are waiting for our parents.
� � � �We are waiting for �

11) They don't like Mr Roberts, their new teacher.
� � � They don't like .

12) We are going to the disco, are you coming with me and my sister?
� � � We are going to the disco, are you coming with�?.

Fill in with a suitable pronoun�

(Completa col pronome giusto)
1) Who is that girl? Why are you looking at ?

2) Do you know that man by the window? Yes, I know�, I work with�!

3) Where are my sunglasses? I can't find�.

4) I can't find my pencil. Where is�?

5) My daughter loves music.��plays the piano very well.

6) I hate snakes! I'm afraid of�.

7) Children, I'm talking to you! Please, listen to�!

8) Where is Beatrix? I need to talk to�.

9) My boyfriend has a new job, but��doesn't like��at all.

10) Who are those people? Do you know�?

11) I often go shopping for clothes on Saturday and my boyfriend comes with�.

12) If you have a problem, ask me to help�.

13) Everybody says he's a nice boy, but I don't like�.

14) Look at those jeans! Do you like�?

15) Alice is really funny. I like�.

16) I have a new DVD, would you like to watch�?

17) Do your grandparents live with�?

18) I don't eat potatoes because I don't like�.

19) We are going to the pub. Why don't you come with�?

20) This is my friend Susan,��is in my same class.