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Clothes and seasons

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Seasons and clothes worksheet preview
Seasons and clothes

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Lucy's family

What are they wearing? worksheet preview
What are they wearing?

Where can I buy...? worksheet preview
Where can I buy...?

The clothes worksheet preview
The clothes

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Age: 7-17
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seasons (months,weather and clothes)
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Mini book-- Clothes and Seasons- - ( beginners)
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Age: 10-17
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What is she wearing?
 Maria is wearing...  Linda is wearing..  Yoko is wearing... Andrea is wearing...
 Find the correct word.
Dress Skirt             T-Shirt Blouse          Sweater Coat                  Socks Sandals
Socks Trousers      Jacket Jeans          Jeans Skirt                     Socks Shorts
Sweater Jacket         T-Shirt Shorts         Blouse Skirt            Shirt Shorts
            Pyjamas Shirt
 How's the weather?                      What do you wear?                      What season is it?
 How's the weather?  What do you wear? What season is it?
 How's the weather?  What do you wear? What season is it?
  How's the weather?   What do you wear? What season is it?