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A1.1 - Lesson 1

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 Lesson 1: Giving personal information concerning reservations or appointments
 Activity 1: Match the answers to the questions (1-5).
 1) Hi!
 2) What's your name?
 3) What's your last name?
 4) Nice to meet you.
 5) Goodbye!
  It's Araujo. Jeff Araujo.
  Nice to meet you too.
  My name's Jeff.
 Activity 2A: Complete the sentences. Use the words from the box.
room        reservation        please        name        afternoon
 A: Good (1) .
 A: Hi. I have a (2)  here. A single (3)  for two nights.
 A: Boyle. Danny Boyle. 
 B: Good afternoon.
 B: A reservation? What's your (4) ?
 B: OK, Mr. Boyle. One minute, (5) .

 Activity 2B: Put the sentences from activity 2A in the correct order to the dialogue.