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Comparative and Superlative Multiple Choice

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Choose the correct answer.
1. My sister is two years  __________ than me.

  young   so young   younger   the youngest

2. Do you know what ­__________ animal in the world is?

  slow   slow as   slower   the slowest

3. I think spring is _________ season of the year.

  beautiful   very beautiful   more beautiful   the most beautiful

4. Maths is _____________ to me than biology.

  important   so important   more important   the most important

5. Helen is __________ ballet dancer in our city.

  good   good as   better   the best

6. That test was ___________ than the previous one last week.

  difficult   so difficult   more difficult   the most difficult

7. Tom has got __________ message from his parents.

  long   long as   longer   the longest

8. English is ____________ for me than Chinese.

  easy   very easy   easier   the easiest

9. My phone is ___________ than my sister’s phone.

  expensive   so expensive   more expensive   the most expensive

10. Last winter was ___________ winter in our country.

  cold   cold as   colder   the coldest

11. Pam’s mobile is ____________ than mine.

  beautiful   very beautiful   more beautiful   the most beautiful

12. This car is _____________ car produced by this company.

  new   so new   newer   the newest

13. What continent is ____________: America or Africa?

  large   very large   larger   the largest

14. Do you know who _______________ woman in the world is?

  fast   so fast   faster   the fastest

15. Mary is ____________ than Ben in my class.

  clever   clever as   cleverer   the cleverest

16. Who is _____________ runner : Tom or Sam?

  bad   very bad   worse   the worst

17. This information is ______________ for me than the previous one.

  useful   useful as   more useful   the most useful

18. When was ______________ summer in your country?

  hot   very hot   hotter   the hottest

19. Bob is _____________ than my elder brother.

  tall   tall as   taller   the tallest

20. Can you name _____________ building in the world?

  high   so high   higher   the highest