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Unit 5 Vocabulary. consumerism

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Complete the passage with the words and expressions below.

Brand name    *   appreciate    *   status symbol    *   bargain    *   cost    *   image    *   makes a difference

All in the mind?

If we pay a lot of money for something, we may (1)it more. This may sound strange, but it’s true. Sciencists at a California university did an experiment. They gave people two glasses of the same wine and told them that the wine in one glass (2) - much more than the wine in the other. The results – everyone enjoyed the “expensive wine” more.

Lance Baxter, a sales expert, is not surprised. He compares it to when people buy a particular (3) because it’s a (4) . He explains that it is often the product’s (5) and not the product itself that (6) . So , if you are trying to sell something, remember not everyone is looking for a (7)_. People’s perception of value may lead them to choose the product with the higher price.