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Project Final Re-Test
�Directions: There are sixty questions in this test with multiple choices. Read carefully and choose the best answer.
�Part 1: �Conversation
1. Situation: In a department store...
Tom: Good morning, sir. What can I do for you?
Bob: _________________________________.
����I'm just looking a room, thank you.
� �� I don't need your help.
� ��No, nothing.
� ��I don't intend to buy anything.
2.�Situation: Helen is talkingto her friend on the phone...
Helen: I'm going to get married next month.
Jim: ______________________________.
����How luck the two of you are!
����Who is going to be your husband?
����Congratulations! I'm happy for you.
����Why are you going that?
3. Situation: In an office...
Anna: Do you mind if I turn the air-conditioner down?
Sophie: ___________________________________.
����Yes, I don't mind.
����No, please do.
����Yes, that's right.
����No, I mind.
4. Situation:��In a classroom...
Alison: What has made Ana so upset?
David: _______________________.
����Because she is not very happy with her grades.
����Since she is worried about her grades.
����She has just heard the test result.
����Having two 0's in Maths and English.
5.Situation:��In the kitchen...
Mike: I'm sorry. I broke your dish.
Sam: ______________________.
����I don't mind.
����It doesn't matter.
����That's all right with me.
����You are excused.
Part 2: Vocabulary�
�6. What is the longest river in the world?
����The Nile ���The Mississippi ���The Amazon ���The Chaophraya
7. What is the biggest city?
����Washington D.C. ���Tokyo ���Mexico City ���New York
8. What is the fastest animal in the world?
����an ostrich ���a lion ���a cheetah ���an elephant
9. What is the highest mountain in the world?�
����Mont Blanc ���Mount Everest ���Mount Fuji ���Mount Suthep
10. Where is the hottest place in the world?
����In�Africa ���In North America ���In Oceania ���In Asia
Part 3: Grammar
11. "Be ______ now! The teacher shouted at the boys _______.
����quiet, angry ���quietly, angry ���quiet, angrily ���quietly, angrily
12. The lesson was _____. Don't give me ______ assignments.
����easily, easily ���easy, easily ���easily, easy ���easy, easy
13. Help! Come ________. I am going to fall!
����happily ���quietly ���quickly ���slowly
14. If you know this answer, you are ________.
����polite ���smart ���beautiful ���quickly
15. They spoke ______ because the baby was sleeping.
����quiet ���quietly ���really ���immediately
Comparison of adjective and adverb
�16. My son is ______ as yours.
����as clever ���cleverer ���more clever ���the cleverest
17. Pattaya is _______ from here than Bangssaen.
����far ���farther ���the furthest ���more farthest
18. The shop is _____ than the school.
����far ���farther ���the furthest ���more farther
19. Judy runs ________ of anyone in our group.
����quickly ���quicklyer ���the quickest ���the most quickly
20. Of the ten babies, Diana is ________.
����fat ���more fat ���the fattest ���fatter
21. Diana doesn't run _____________ Michelle.
����as quick as ���so quickly as ���as slow as ���so slow as
22. My daughter speaks _________ your daughter.
����more polite ����politest ���as polite as ���so polite as
23. Tom is 17 years old. Jacky is 11 years old. Peter is 20 years old.
����Tom is younger than Jacky. ���Peter is the youngest.
����Jacky is older than Tom. ���Jacky is the youngest.�
Present Perfect Tense
24. Jacky _________ this short story.
����never has seen ���hasn't never seen ���haven't seen never ���has never seen
25. Sammy has worked in this company ______ he left university.
����for ���since ���to ���and�
26. The train ______ �two hours late last Monday.
����arrive ���arrives ���arrived ���arriving
27. _______ Tim _______ his work yet?
����Has, finished ���Have fished ���Did, finish ���Does, finish
28. Julia has read this novel ________ several times.
����since ���for ���and ���because
29. He couldn't go out because it _____________.
����rains ���was rained ���is raining ���rained
30. My friends and I ________ each other for more than 10 years.
����known ���knew ���has known ���have known
31. I know Bobby. I ______ him for a long time.
����knew ���know ���has known ���have known
Present Perfect Tense and Past Simple Tense
32. I and Joy ________ the party last night.
����enjoyed ���is enjoying ���has enjoyed ���have enjoyed
33. � _______ Tim _______ his work yet?
����Have, fished � ��Did, finish ���Has, finished ���Does, finish
34. My sister __________ the radio.
����has just turned off ���have just turned off ���just turned off ���just turned off
35. Jim and James _________ many songs last night.
����sang ���sung ���has sung ���have sung
36. That man ________ in prison for seven years.
����are ���were ���has been ���have been
37. Bobby _________ this film for several times.
����saw ���is seeing ���has seen ���have seen
38. Susan _______ her job yesterday.
����is losing ���lost ���has lost ���have lost
39. _______ David _______ his car to Bangkok two days ago.
����Have, driven ���Did, drive ���Has, driven ���Does, drive
40. Job and Joy _______ stamps since they were young.
����collected ���have collected ���is collecting ���has collected�
Linking Verb�
41. This apple ________ sweet.
����tastes ���sounds ���smells ���feels
42. The flowers in the vase _______ good.
����taste ���feels ���sound ���smell
43. This pasta _______ delicious.
����grow ���looks ���taste ���smells
44. That modern house ________ expensive.
����looks ���remain ���feels ���sounds
45. The children are playing in the yard. It ________ noisy.
����feels ���seems ���sounds ���tastes
46. This curry _______ spicy.
����grows ���looks ���tastes ���smells
47. Mark __________ serious yesterday.
����looked ����sounds ���remained ���smelt
48. It's snowing. I _____ cold.
����taste ���sounds ���feel ���smell
49. That old man is burning the paper. It ________ awful.
����grows ���sounds ���tastes ���smells
50. I like roses. They _____ beautiful.
����grows ���look ���taste ���sounds�
Part 4: Reading Comprehension

51. What sports did Jennifer play at school?

� ���football and baseball����surfing and cycling����hockey and basketball����tennis and taekwondo

52. What are her two brothers called?

����Tom and Ted����Gary and George����Ben and Blaine����Larry and Lukas

53. Which of the following sentences is true?

����Jennifer is American.��������������������Jennifer was born in July.

����She has two brothers and a sister.�Jennifer took acting classes at school.

54. Which of the following sentences is false?

����Jennifer has done some modeling.�Jennifer was nominated for an Oscar in 2010.

����She likes playing the piano.�����������Jennifer's family supported her dreams to be an actress.

55. Put these sentences about Jennifer Lawrence's life in the correct order.

���A. She appeared on TV for the first time.

���B. She moved to Los Angeles.

���C. She was nominated for an Oscar.

���D. Jennifer was born in Kentucky.

���E. She moved to New York.

���F. At school she played basketball for a boys' team.

���G. She played Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games.

���� D-F-E-B-A-G-C����D-F-B-A-E-C-G

����D-F-A-C-G-B-E � ��D-F-E-A-B-C-G
56. I�m a vegetarian so I don�t eat meat and I want a starter but I don�t like soup. What starter should I choose?

����tomato salad����grilled fish and potatoes����vegetable pasta����cheese and biscuits

57. I want a main course but I only have �5 and I don�t like cheese. What do you suggest?

����tomato salad����grilled fish and potatoes����vegetable pasta����cheese and biscuits

58. I want a dessert but I don�t like sweet things. What can I choose?

����tomato salad����grilled fish and potatoes����vegetable pasta����cheese and biscuits

59. All sentences are true except one;

����Lunch is served for two hours only.����The snacks are available for lunch and dinner.

����Bread and butter comes free with the starters.����There are three flavours of ice cream.

60. Which of the following sentences is true?

����Dinner starts at 2:30 p.m.��������������������The cheapest dessert is lemon cake.

����Lunch is served for two hours only.���If you order a snack, you have to pay for the salad and chips.