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 Study and then complete.


A) FOR: responsible, crazy (or about), sorry (or about), famous, anxious (or about).

  • The drought has made farmers anxious the harvest.
  • They’re crazy old motorbikes.
  • Marie Curie is famous her contribution to science.
  • Who is responsible  this terrible mess?
  • He sounded very sorry himself on the telephone.

B) WITH: annoy (ed), angry (with someone; at something), patient, busy (or at).

  • I was annoyed him for not coming to the meeting
  • I got really angry her.
  • They were angry the way they had been treated.
  • The kids are busy their homework.
  • He’s a good teacher but he doesn’t have much patience the slower pupils.

C) OF: afraid, certain, conscious, jealous, sure, north / south / east / west.

  • I’ve always been afraid heights.
  • Can we be certain the truth of what she said?
  • He gradually became conscious the fact.
  • George is jealous his younger sister.
  • Is there anything you’re not sure .
  • The best beaches are in the south the island.

     D) TO: close, cruel, harmful, obedient, new.

  • I don’t know about her relationship with her father but she’s very close  her mother.
  • Children can be very cruel one another.
  • This group of chemicals is known to be harmful  people with asthma.
  • The army is quite unlikely to be obedient the new president.
  • Our next – door neighbors are new the area.

      E) AT: expert (or in), good, sad (or about), clever.

  • Gwen is expert finding bargains.
  • William is an expert early Christian art.
  • He’s good running.
  • She’s very sad me, because I couldn’t make it.
  • Fiona is very clever physics.

F) FROM: different, far, safe, away.

  • We live 5 Km away each order.
  • Emily is very different her sister.
  • She doesn’t live far here.
  • We’re safe attack now – the enemy planes have gone.

G) IN: deficient, fortunate, weak.

  • The team was deficient several important areas.
  • He was fortunate his choice of assistant.
  • He was always weak languages but strong at science.

H) ON: dependent, easy.

  • It’s very easy to become dependent sleeping pills.
  • The teacher is much too easy the boys.

I) ABOUT: worry (ied), curious, sorry, excited.

  • Babies are curious  everything around them.
  • They very excited  the new film producer.
  • Don’t say you’re sorry what happened if you don’t mean it.
  • It’s silly worrying  things which are outside your control.



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