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To Be Practice with family members and occupations (Naciones Unidas)

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To Be Practice (With Family Members and Occupations)
Instructions: Look at the following family tree, and read the text that follows. Choose the correct form of the verb "to be" for each sentence.

Hello. My name  Mark. I  a student. My sister  Martha. Carlos  my father, and Isabel  my mother. Isabel and Carlos  my parents. My father  a doctor, and my mother  a nurse. Right now, they  at the clinic. María  my grandmother, and Jenny  too. Michael and Juan  my grandfathers. All four of them  my grandparents. Danny, Abby, and Jane  my cousins. Their father  David. He  my uncle. David  a teacher. His wife  Kristhel. Kristhel  a housewife. David  my mother’s brother. Emily  my aunt, and Ezequiel  my uncle. Emily’s husband  José, and Ezequiel’s wife  Janet. José and Emily’s children  Jake, Ivy, and Steven. They  also my cousins. Ezequiel and Janet’s children  Marilyn and Denis. They  my cousins too. José  a manager, and Ezequiel  a mechanic. You  not in my family, but you  a student, and I  part of your practice.