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As adjective As

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†As adjective as

1-Umutalp is 14 years old.

Beytullah is 14 years old.

Umutalp isBeytullah.(old)

2-GŲksu is 1.50 cm

Beytullah is 1.71 cm.

GŲksu isnítBeytullah.(tall)

3-Silver isnítgold.(valuable)

4-Today is yesterday.(windy)

5-A tarantula is a scorpion.(dangerous)

6-A minibus isníta bus.(expensive)

7-A dolphin isníta whale.(heavy)

8-English isnít Chinese.(difficult)

9-Cats arenítdogs.(loyal)

10-Martin isa bear.(strong)

11-A train isnít a plane.(fast)

12-A grapefruit isnítan orange.(sweet)

13-My father is older than my mother.My mother isnít my father.(old)