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About shops and shopping

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Shopping list note (containers and quantities) worksheet preview
Shopping list note (containers and quantities)

Where can I buy...? worksheet preview
Where can I buy...?

Let's go shopping! worksheet preview
Let's go shopping!

What's in my shopping cart? worksheet preview
What's in my shopping cart?

Role play - At the Clothes Shop worksheet preview
Role play - At the Clothes Shop

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SHOPS - Where can I buy?
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Age: 8-17
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"Letīs go Shopping!" - Reading + Writing + Speaking activity for Upper elementary and Intermediate students
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Age: 11-17
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Shopping role play (B&W version)
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Age: 8-17
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Age: 12-17
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About shops and shopping

Task 1. Word bank.

 curds, satisfaction, customer, estate agent, aisle, bargain, bill, item, afford, range, shopping cart, boutique, stationer's, haberdashery, crease resistant
1. A person who buys from a shop
2. A passage between rows
3. A trolley
4. Cottage cheese
5. A thing
6. A piece of paper showing the amount of money you must pay for something.
7. A number of different things
8. To be able to pay for
9. A shop selling clothes for men
10. Being satisfied, pleasure
11. Able to stay without wrinkles when worn
12. Something bought for a little money but worth more
13. A small shop selling clothes for women, perfumes
14. An office selling a house and property
15. A shop selling exercise books, biros, pens....
1.       2.       3.       4.   
5.       6.       7.      
Task 2. Do you know where can you buy these goods?
Butcher's         Greengrocer's       Baker's       The dairy
Task 3. The shopping trip. Audio activities.