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Listening and Web Search: A Broken Hallelujah

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Listening and Web Search about Jeff Buckley: A Broken Hallelujah
original music by Leonard Cohen


Watch the video and do the following exercises.

Tick the words that you can hear.

I’ve heard  their   there was a secret   chord  card
That David played, and it  please  pleased the Lord
But you don't really care   core for music, do you?
It   goes  goose  like this
The   fourth  force , the fifth
The minor  fall  foul   and the major lift
The   battle   baffled king composing Hallelujah

Match the beginning and the end of the following lines.

Your faith was strong               A  but you needed proof

You saw her                             B  to her kitchen chair

Her beauty and                        C  the moonlight overthrew you

She tied you                            D  she drew the Hallelujah

And she broke your                  E  throne and she cut your hair

And from your lips                   F  bathing on the roof

Hallelujah                                                                                                                    Jeff Buckley, who made "A Broken

                                                                                                                                                    Hallelujah"   famous

Use the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.

Baby I have   (be) here before
I know this room and I've  (walk) this floor
I used to  (live) alone before I  (know) you
I've  (see) your flag on the Marble Arch
Love is not a victory march
                            It's a cold and it's a  (break) Hallelujah 

Choose the words that you can hear.

There was a   when you let me  
What's really   on below
But now you never   it to me, do you?
remember when I moved in you?
And the   dark was moving too
And every breath we   was Hallelujah

Unscramble the lines of the last verse



 And it's not a cry you can hear at night

 Was how to shoot at somebody who outdrew you

 It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah

 And all I've ever learned from love

It's not somebody who's seen the light

 Maybe there's a God above

Search a link about Jeff Buckley and tick the correct answers to the following questions.

1 .How much did Jeff Buckley’s music resemble that of his father?

     They had a lot in common.

     His music was totally different from his father’s.

    His music was very similar to his father’s.

    They played the same kind of music.


2. Where did Jeff study music?

      In New York

      In Columbia

       In Los Angeles

      In Mississippi


3. How long did he play in his band “Gods and Monsters”?

       For a short time

       For ages

       For ten years

       For a long time


4. How was “Grace” received by the public?

        It was a failure.

         It was a great success.

        Nobody was interested in it.

         It was successful at coffee houses.


5. How did he die?

         He committed suicide.

         He was assassinated.

         He took an overdose of drugs.

          He drowned by accident.