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True Colors

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                                         Now that you know the colors, try to answer the following exercises.


                     1) What are the colors of the flags below? Write the name of the each color in the right place.


                                        A       B       C       D        E       F     

                     2) Chose the picture that represents what is written in each sentence.

                                     a) The paint is grey.    


                                     b) The paint is pink.


                             c) The paint is brown.


                                    d) The paint is purple.


                                    e) The paint is orange.


                     3) Choose the best option to complete the verses of the poem below. Then, rewrite each line replacing the

                         pictures for their correspondent words.

                                 is the  (ocean),                       
                       is the  (grass),           
                       are the  (clouds)                           
                      As they slowly pass.                              


                      are the (crows),          
                       are the (trees),           
                       are the   (sails) 
                      Of a ship in the breeze.

                    4) Listen to each color sound and fill in the crosswords with the words you hear. One of the words is given.










1)                  7)
2)                  8)
3)                  9)
4)                 10)
5)                 11) BROWN

                         5) Watch the following video and choose T (true) or F (false) for the statements bellow: 


                                      a) There is an orange sun with a baby face right in the beginning. 

                                      b) In the video, the sky is blue.  

                                      c) The first teletubby to appear is yellow.

                                      d) The teletubby named 'Po' is red.

                                      e) 'Dipsy' is the green telettuby.

                                      f) 'Laa-Laa' is the blue teletubby.


                             Now, click OK and check your score.