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Holiday friends

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 Holiday friends
1. Write the country. 










1 2   3  

4     5 6  
10 11
2. Read
At the London Aquarium
Cathy Lucy and Carmen are friends. They are on holiday in London. It's December and the weather is cold and wet. They're at the London Acquarium. It's a new museum and it's very popular.
Cathy is Australian. She's from Sydney and she's sixteen years old. She's a student but she's also an actor. She is in a popular television programme. It's about a group of friends. Cathy is interested in tropical fish.
Luc is from Paris, in France. He's fifteen years old and he's a student. He's good at music and he's in a pop group. He's interested in sharks.
Carmen is from Madrid and sh's fourteen. She's Spanish, but she's at school in London. She's very good at English. She's interested in piranhas.
3. Choose 
  1. Where are Cathy, Luc and Carmen? 
  2. Is the weather cold?
  3. Where's Cathy from?
  4. Who's in a pop group?
  5. Is Carmen fifteen?
  6. What's Carmen interested in?