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Past continuous

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I. Watch the next video until the minute �3.30 and answer the questions.
1.What happened in Sandersville last night?
2. Who is Scott Mason?
3. What were the people doing ?
Complete the sentences with the correct option.
4. The first man�. �5. His wife�
Write if the next sentences are True or False
6. The second woman was doing the laundry in her house. �True�False�
7. The last man wasn't listening to music. � True��False�
8. Mr Watts said it was raining very hard last night. �True � False����
9. Mr. Watts said that last night he wasn't having a party. �True�� False�
10. Mr Watts said he was working very hard. True �� � False�
Complete the sentences with the correct word (while / when)
11. The TV presenter was doing the dishes ��� �his wife was taking a bath.
12. Mr. and Mrs Green were riding in the elevator �� the lights went out.
II. Read the next text and answer the questions.
Last night it was the thirthieth wedding anniversary of my grandparents. They were celebrating with family and friends. For many young people like you, this may seem weird or unthinkable. Especially now that most young professionals are not looking forward to getting married or having children. There's a belief hold by many: personal development reflects on material achievements. It seems that the more you have, the bigger your house is, the more expensive and luxurious your car is, the happier you are. Although statistics show a rise in the rate of suicides in developed countries, and that stress levels also show an increase in people who live in big cities, nothing seems to change our minds. We are not tempted to run risks, we have become more hedonistic and individualist, we want to enjoy life, we want to travel, have friends, have a steady job, and love will probably get to our door. By now there's no need to worry about being alone, we can still adopt a pet and help the world. In the meantime we can still see the remains of a world that is dying with the old generations.
1. The writer of the text thinks that young people want to have babies. True �� False�
2. The author's grandparents are divorced. �True �� �False�
3. Many people think that you are successful if you have money to buy what you want. �True �� False �
4 There are many suicides in poor countries. �True �� � False�
5. Young people prefer to have a pet than to get married. �True � �False�
III. Complete the sentences with the correct �form of the word in parentheses.
When I �� �(be) a �child I�� �(use) �to like candies a lot, I used�� � (play) with my friends all day. We used to ��(ride)�the bicycle and tell stories. Now we go to High School, we have changed, we don't see each other much. We now do things we didn't�� (use to) do.�
IV. Put the words in order to make sentences.
1. were/ Thomas/ listening/ and/ to/ Hanna/ news/ when/ the/ rang/ the/ phone/ ?
2. help/ you/ are/ to/ going/me/ ?
3. think/ you/ an/ take/ I / should/ aspirin/
4. holidays/ where/ go/ you/ last/ did/on/ your/ ?
5. were/ going/ you/ when / where/ saw/ last/ you/ I / night/ ?
V. Complete the sentences with the verbs in the correct form.
1. My mother �� (read) a book when I � (arrive) �home.
2. I �� (have) my hair very long now, when I � �(be) a child, it �(use) be very short.
3. �My friends��(dance) while I�� (listen) to the music.
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