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There Is / There Are / Comparatives

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There is / There Are


Complete the next sentences with there is or there are:

1. a boat at the docks.

2 three boxes in the attic.

3 one question for you

4 some cats in the backyard

Transform these sentences into questions:

5. There are some boys in the backyard


6. There is a book in my backpack


7. There are six cars in the parking lot


8. There is one onion in the fridge



v Superiority Comparatives

Complete the next sentences using Superiority Comparatives and the adjectives in brackets:

9. Cars are usually motorcycles (expensive)

10. I need a balloon this one (big)

11. My grandparents are my parents (old)

v Equality Comparatives

Complete the next sentences using Equality comparatives and the adjectives in brackets:

12. God! You’re Einstein! (smart)

13. His parents are the northern winds in December mornings (cold)

14. I need to write a book this one (amazing)

v Inferiority Comparatives

15. Don’t make the sandwiches these hamburgers (tasty)

16. Make sure that the sausages are in the mall (expensive)