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James Blunt, 1973

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James Blunt : 1973
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Age: 10-17
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james blunt - 1973
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1973 James Blunt
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1973 - James Blunt
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1973 James Blunt Song
Level: elementary
Age: 10-14
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1973 - James Blunt 


·         Choose the right words:


You’re getting

Your journey’s been

 Etched on your



Wish I had known that

What seemed so

Has been and


·        Unscramble the words in bold:

I would call you up

Every yadunS night

And we both edsaty out

til the omrignm light

And we sang, “Here we go again”

And though miet goes by

I will always be

In a lubc   with you

In 1973

Singing “Here we go again”


  • Number the sentences in the order you hear them:

 The rain has gone


So I could see clearly now

Wish I was sober


I guess it’s over

My memory plays our tune


The same old song

·        Search and answer the following questions:

1. James Blunt real name is

2. He is     years old

3. He was born on

4. His most well-known song is

If you don't remember click on this link: http://www.popstarsplus.com/music_jamesblunt.htm
 Important: (in order to open a new page double-click the right button in your mouse and choose a new page to view the information you need!!!)
Let’s sing the song!