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Relative Pronouns

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Relative Pronouns
A. Fill in the blanks with the right relative pronouns. (who, which, whose, where, whom, or when). Do not use 'that' in these sentences.
1. The girl ... husband works as a pilot lives near my house.
2. A thermometer is an instrument ... measures our temperature.
3. The robbers ... stole the money from the bank has been caught.
4. Debbie ... I saw in the bar two hours ago was very barbarous.
5. The restaurant .... we ate dinner is very luxurious.
6. Saturn and Neptune are planets ... go around the sun.
7. The tree ... my uncle planted a few months ago grows high now.
8. Frank ... trousers are knitting now has not come to pick them.
9. The house ... we live in needs renovation.
10. I still remember ... we got married.
11. The bus ... arrives in the morning doesn't deliver me to the right place.
12. The beverages ... she bought this afternoon are imported from Brisbane.
13. The woman ... swam in the swimming pool won the contest last year.
14. Mr. James ... laptop I borrowed came yesterday.
15. The twin brothers ... classrooms is very dirty are eating pizza now.
16. I bought a blue hat four days ago ... is made of wool.
17. The cigarette ... my father smokes is not cheap.
18. The man ... mobile phone has been lost so far hasn't been found.
19. The comedian ... I saw last night is very humble.
20. As astronaut is a person ... explores planets.
21. The sea ... the visitors dove and swam is very deep and wide.
22. An old lady ... sons and daughters live in New York has two puppies.
23. The new pupil ... behavior is bad is sent to the principal's room.
24. The artist ... draws a lot of pictures is famous.
25. The baker ... makes and sells bread does not have any kids.
26. The snake ... ate my rabbit was caught this day.
27. A dentist is someone ... examines our teeth when we have a toothache.
28. Charlie ... I sat with yesterday is a clever pupil in the class.
29. I still remember the day ... my brother passed away.
30. The school ... my nephews study is very distant from the house.