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The Canterbury Tales

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The Canterbury Tales
Geoffrey Chaucer 
Based on the text you read answer the next questions
The Canterbury tales. Oxford University Press. Readers
I. Select the correct name of  Chapter 2
II. Where are the pilgrims going?
III. Match the description to the correct character.  Write the numbers in the boxes.
a. The knight                1. He/she loved books. He/she didn't speak a lot.
b. The Merchant           2. He/she laughed a lot and was big. 
c. The Clerk                  3. He/she fought and was a good friend.
d. The Franklin             4. She/he wore expensive clothes and talked about the sea.
e The Wife of Bath        5. She/he liked eating and drinking.
IV. What was the prize for the best story told:
Chapter 2
 Mark if the next sentences are TRUE or FALSE
A.  Emily and Arcite got married  
B. Arcite wins the fight but dies.
C. Emily falls in love with Arcite and Palamon.
D. Theseus fights the king of Thebes, Creon. 
Chapter 6 
1. Averagus and Dorigen are characters of:  
2. Dorigen's husband was    when she met Aurelius.
3. Dorigen accepted to   with Aurelius.
4. Dorigen told Aurelius "I'll be with you if you... 
5. Averagus ordered Dorigen