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future tenses - all four of them

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Simple future: future action

1. I (help) you with your homework.

2. She (be) here very soon.

3. They (come) at 8 o'clock.

4. You (call) me next week.

5. I (use) the money wisely.

6. We (return) as soon as possible.

7. It (rain) tomorrow.

9. Claig (pay) for it.

10. Amanda (win) this game.

11. Maybe we (stay) at home.

12. They (bake) some cakes.

13. I (take) you with me next month.

14. Ashley (stay) at home tonight.

15. It (be) very hot this summer.

16. We (do) this together.

17. Next year (be) very exciting.

18. People (invent) new things.

19. I (be) in Rome next week.

20. Claig (be) very pleased.

21. Wait, I (do) this.

22. We (catch) him.

23. They (probably finish) tomorrow.

24. You (find) your bag.

25. Bonnie (like) you.

26. It (be) sunny tomorrow.

27. The winter (be) especially cold.

28. The next game (be) hard to win.

29. I (speak) with him about you.

30. You (send) Kate the pictures.


Future continuous: an action that will be in progress at a certain time in the future

1. He (wait) for quite some time.

2. Tomorrow at this time I (dance) at a party.

3. Next week at this time I (sunbathe) at the beach.

4. At 5 o'clock you (help) your brother.

5. This evening at 8 o'clock, she (watch) a movie with her friends.

6. Nicole (have) a hard time.

7. We (smile), and they (cry).

8. Mom (clean) the house, and Dad (wash) the dishes.

9. Tonight they (talk), (dance) and (have) a good time.

10. It (rain) tonight.

11. Tomorrow we (rest) and (have) fun.

12. Tonight at 10 o'clock she (come) home.

13. The day after tomorrow he (move) his apartment.

14. At this time tomorrow, I (sleep) deeply.

15. You (work) very hard to get that deal.

Future perfect: an action that will happen before another action in the future

1. By this time tomorrow, I (finish) the project.

2. By 8 o'clock, the kids (fall) asleep.

3. By tomorrow morning, he (sleep) wonderfully.

4. By next year, she (receive) her promotion.

5. Robin (sell) his car by next Sunday.

6. Morgan (clean) the entire house by lunch.

7. We (dance) a few dances before midnight.

8. At this time tomorrow morning, they (begin) working.

9. At this time next week, we (catch) the thief.

10. By 2013, I (live) in Madrid for 5 years.

11. In 2020, they (work) here for 20 years.

12. By September, Julie (teach) us for over a year.

13. By October, I (study) English for 3 months.

14. On Monday, she (wait) for 2 weeks.

15. Before Saturday, you (do) all of your homework.


Future perfect continuous: an action that will continue up until sometime in the future

1. By midnight, you (dance) for 4 hours.

2. By dinner, she (cook) the whole afternoon.

3. He (work) there for 10 years by 2015.

4. By next year, I (study) English for 7 years.

5. By next week, we (renovate) for over a month.

6. In 2012, they (live) here for 4 years.

7. Before December, Barbara (teach) for a year.

8. By this time tomorrow, I (do) this exercise for a long time.

9. Jessica (help) them for 12 months.

10. Bob and Sarah (cook) for 2 hours at 8 o'clock.

11. Tomorrow at 9 o'clock I (sleep) for 10 hours.

12. On Thursday, I (fix) the car for a whole month!

13. In 10 minutes, James (wait) for 2 hours.

14. They (stand) for a whole day.