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Revison IX Grade

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Vocabulary Revision
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-100
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Grammar Review for Beginners - 3-page review, 14 different exercises, fully editable, with keys included
Level: elementary
Age: 12-17
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English Test(9th form End of Term 2 Test)(3 parts)Reading Comprehension: THE INTERNET/Grammar+Voc abulary/Writing(+Key )
Level: intermediate
Age: 9-14
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Level: elementary
Age: 10-14
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Level: intermediate
Age: 14-16
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Comparative & Superlative
Level: elementary
Age: 9-12
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I Write the correct words:
  1. products catalogue 
  2. disappearing of animals 
  3. type of funny film
  4. a person who deals with chemical processes
  5. a type of popular music
  6. a card you send from vacation
  7. a person who designs machines
  8. something which is one of its kind
  9. people who work with money and accounts
  10. wild animals which are typical for one country
  11. a wild animal that lives in Australia
  12. we go to the railway station to travel by 
  13. we learn about animals and plants in  classes
  14. a person who composes music 

II Complete the sentences

 “ I have seen the and the prices are very cheap.”

 “Mary never called me, nor sent me a from her holiday.”

 “Smoking can seriously damage your .”

“Australia’s wildlife is unique, it is the natural habitat for , and they cannot be found anywhere else.”

 “Spending too much time in front of the computer is a serious .”

 “ People in Africa live in while we are wasting food on daily basis.”

“Computers are necessary for modern .”

 “ Canada has very rich , with beautiful forests, lakes and wildlife.”

“To travel to another country you need a valid .”

 “I have a really bad cold and I can’t stop .”

“They didn’t have that book, so the suggested another one.”

“The English children eat .”

“The English drink tea at .”

“The train leaves from the at noon.”

 “She is late, she have missed her bus.”

 “She is collecting brochures, ?”

 “Bill Clinton, was the President of America, has only one daughter.”

 “Jack and Jill don’t fancy math, ?”

 “ he was the best candidate, he didn’t win the elections.”

“My doctor says if I want to be healthier I stop smoking.”

 “If I want to do well on the exam, I study.”

 “Oh, that view! It's so beautiful!”

”We usually go skiing .”

”Nowadays, young people have become really to computers.”

”The Chinese eat their food with .”

”Traditionally, the English take their tea at .”

”Fast food is also known as .”

”On February 14th, every year, we celebrate .”

”People donate money and clothes to .”

”Special traditional meals are prepared for a holiday such as .”

”You’ve really made it!!”

”He was unhappy, he was very rich.”

”What would you do, if you a lion in the middle of the street?”

”That suitcase is quite heavy! Will you ?”

”Mary kept on all the time.”