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Subject Verb Agreement

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SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT�The verb must always agree with the subject. This worksheet focuses on �When, Why & How� to make the subject agree with the verb�((definitions, 80 sentences & 1 exercise to complete))�elementar y/intermediate�((B&W VERSION INCLUDED))
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Age: 7-17
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Subject-Verb Agreement
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Age: 8-17
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Subject - verb agreement (part 2) + KEY
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Subject - Verb Agreement (part 1)+ KEY
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Seasons ( A Fairy-tale) : A Complete Project with many tasks : Five Reading Comprehension Tasks+ Two Grammar Tasks ( Simple Present, Present Continuous, Subject-Verb Agreement, Confusing Words, Wh-Questions, prepositions )+ Three Writing Tasks ( Unscrambl
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Subject Verb Agreement (Editable with Answers)
Level: intermediate
Age: 9-14
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Subject – Verb Agreement Part 1


   A. Know the difference between singular verbs and plural verbs. Write Singular verb if it is singular and plural verb if it is plural.














B B. Know the difference between singular subjects and plural subjects.  Write singular subject if it is singular and plural subject if it is plural.



A cookie 

A basket of cookies 


Claig and Dave 

A few cookies 

Three baskets of cookies 



List of items 

Bouquet of yellow roses 

Slice of pizza 

Glass of water 

Glasses of water 


c. C. Subject-verb agreement exercise

1. The farmer (plant)  corn

2. The farmers (plant)  corn.

3. The horse (run)  through the field

4. Horses (run)  through the field

5. Students (is)  required to bring their books to class.

6. The children (draw)  water from the well and (carry)  it home.

7. Whenever they watch a comedy, they (laugh)  at all the wrong times.

8. We usually (eat)  out on Saturdays, but this week I (has ) made other plans.

9. Claig and Dave (eat)  seaweed stew.

10. A judge and a lawyer (is) sued for libel.

11. Korea and Thailand (is)  in Asia.

12. Algebra and Chemistry (is) my favorite subjects, but history and economics (seem)  difficult.

13. Dave or Claig (has)  been studying English.

14. By now, rain or snow (has)  fallen in the hills.

15. His parents or his grandparents (live)  in the house.

16. I believe the mother or her children (sing)  in church.

17. I believe the children or their mother (sing)  in church

18. The Germans or the Italians (has) had a greater influence on music

19. The reporter forgot whether Japan or China (is)  in Asia.