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Subject - Verb Agreement Part 3

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SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT–The verb must always agree with the subject. This worksheet focuses on “When, Why & How” to make the subject agree with the verb–((definitions, 80 sentences & 1 exercise to complete))–elementar y/intermediate–((B&W VERSION INCLUDED))
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Subject – Verb Agreement Part 3

A. Let’s focus on the Rule of or/nor

Neither Claig nor Dave  (be) working as of this moment, both  (be) still studying.

Either Claig or Dave (be) studying English with Teacher Honey every night.

He  (like) either candy or cakes

He either  (listen) to music or plays it.

The restaurant (have) neither ramen noodles bibimbap.

I think I either  (see) Claig or Dave during our trip to Hongkong.

Neither Claig nor Dave  (be) interested in basketball.

Either Claig or Dave  (be) interested in basketball.

She music or art.

We  (see) neither Claig nor Dave during our trip to Hongkong.

Either Dave or I  (be) going to study English tonight.

Neither Claig nor I  (be) going to fly to America.

Either Claig or I  (be) going to study English.

Neither Dave nor I  (be) going to study tonight.

B.  Let's focus this time on the verb nearest to the subject.

The birds and the bees  (be) sleeping.

The birds and the bee  (be) sleeping.

The bird and the bees  (be) sleeping.

The cats and the dogs  (be) friends.

The cats and the dog  (be) friends.

The cat and the dogs  (be) friends.

The lion and the mouse  (be) helping each other.

The lions and the mouse  (live) alone.

The lion and the mice  (be) great friends.

C. Let's focus this time with sentences that includes "comments" 

Claig, not Dave, (be) studying English tonight.

Dave, not Claig,  (be) studying English tonight.

The mice, not the cat,  (be) eating cheese.

The cat, not the mice,  (be) drinking milk.

The donkey, not the lions,  (be) braying.

The lions, not the donkey,  (be) roaring.

Claig, as well as Dave,  (swim) very well.

Dave, as well as Claig, (play) computer games very well.

The fishes, as well as the shark, (swim) in the water.

The dogs, as well as the cat,  (be) household pets.

D. All/Some/None
Some of the candies  (be) sweet.
Some of the candy  (be) sweet.
Some of the cake  (be) pink and blue.
Some of the cakes  (be) pink and blue. 
All of the group in the same direction.
All of the groups  (be) going in the same direction. 
None of the house  (be) painted.
None of the houses  (be) painted.