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Talk like a pirate

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Ahoy Matey ! 

How much of a pirate be ye today ?
Aye, watch this video first...
Arr, ye be finished. Do this exercise then !
Match the pirate's expressions to their nowadays English equivalents !
1. Avast me proud beauty ! Wanna drink rum with me !                                    Yes, my dear friends, I'm telling you : we saw a big whale.
2. Ahoy, Jim lad ! How be ye today ?                                                               Well what a bad weather today !
3. Show a leg, ye scurvy dog ! It be bright morning !                                          Hello young lady ! Would you like to have a drink with me ?
4. Dead men tell no tales.                                                                                   Look at my new sword : I've made it myself !
5. Aye, me hearties, me tell ye : we see a grand beastie !                                     Hi ! How are you ?
6. Lookit me new sword : me made it meself !                                                     There are no survivors.
7. Arr ! Shiver me timbers ! It be nasty today !                                                    Wake up : it is dawn !
Ouch G'd job, maty ! Hoist the colors and see ye soon ! Arrrrrgh !