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my daily routine
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Getting Ready

Choose the correct word for each picture:
 This is a .    This is a .    This is a .
 This is a bottle of .    This is a bottle of  This is .
Check all that fit:

When you shower, you use
 Shampoo    A comb   A shower cap    A blow-dryer    Perfume   Soap    Razor blades
When you shave, you use
 A brush    A razor    Shampoo    Razor Blades    Dental floss   Makeup    Shaving cream
When you do your hair, you use
 A nail clipper   A brush    Perfume   Soap     A sponge  A blow-dryer    A mirror
Match the word with the picture by numbering them:
1. Soap 
2. Makeup
3. Brush
4. Tooth Brush
5. Comb
6. Razor Blades
7. Towel
8. Perfume
9. Hand Mirror
10. Sponge