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Naughty naughty John

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                                                   NAUGHTY JOHN
John is      because he has lost             .  His mum gives   him      to
buy a new one. But John is naughty and buys  instead. When  wants to see his book,
John is      .   He      to the teacher . The teacher    at him.
He tells John and . "If she forgives you, I will too" . John
His mother   him. She        a lot.    Dear mother!  But next time  a very good boy.
1 At the beginning John is angry because he has lost his pen.
2 His mother gives him some money to buy cherries.
3 The teacher is angry with him because he hasn't got his book.
4 John is naughty, sometimes.
5 John's mother loves him a lot.
6John will always be naughty.